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Africa At A Crossroads: Africa’s growing geo-political influence

Three back-to-back visits by major world powers to Africa ahead of February’s African Union Summit follow a flurry of important diplomatic visits in 2022, including by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron. Together, they signal attention to Africa’s rising political and economic bargaining power globally, which has been brought into sharp focus by the Russian war in Ukraine. “It’s a sign of increased attention to the continent.”
powers” during his visit to Cameroon, Benin, and Guinea-Bissau

Dakar (Western Africa) | Friedrich Naumann Foundation

The Foundation for Freedom has had a presence in Dakar, Senegal since 1980. From here it manages most of the West- African Subregion. Senegal has experienced several peaceful transitions of power since achieving independence in 1960. It is considered the most stable country in West Africa. The Foundation focuses its work in Senegal and  in the region on the rule of law, the market economy and respect for human rights. It supports liberal political partners and selected future political leaders. It actively identifies and promotes organisations and individuals willing to take responsibility and contribute to development.
GUINEA 01.10.2020 Jo Holden Presidential elections