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Simple Inventions for Valentine’s Day Gifts | Makey

Happy Valentine’s 2019! To celebrate we are releasing a Labz guide with a free template to create an interactive Valentine’s card for ya! This paper circuit made with conductive tape from our Inventor Booster Kit and an LED, will have kids testing what makes your heart light up!  You can have students craft this valent
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Makey Makey Socks – Joylabz Official Makey Makey Store

Do you love tinkering, inventing, and bringing your wildest ideas to life? Then you’re going to adore our Makey Makey Socks! These unique and playful socks are designed for the innovator in you, allowing you to fuse fashion with your passion for electronics and innovation. Available in two captivating patterns – Banana
Great Gift Idea: Surprise your fellow inventors, STEM