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Black Death Mortality not as Widespread as Long Thought | Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

A new study uses pollen data to evaluate the second plague pandemic’s mortality at a regional scale across Europe. Results show that the impacts of the Black Death varied substantially from region to region and demonstrate the importance of cross-disciplinary approaches for understanding past – and present – pandemics.
Schema therapy is effective for treating severe depression

Determining age from brain scans | Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

The biological age of a person can be accurately determined from brain images using the latest AI technology, so-called artificial neural networks. Until now, however, it was unclear which features these networks used to infer age. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences have now developed an algorithm that reveals: Age estimation goes back to a whole range of features in the brain, providing general information about a person’s state of health. The algorithm could thus help to detect tumours or Alzheimer’s disease more quickly and allows conclusions to be drawn about the neurological consequences of diseases such as diabetes.
Schema therapy is effective for treating severe depression

Around 4.5 million premature deaths worldwide from air pollution | Max-Planck-Gesellschaft

In 2015, around 4.5 million people died prematurely from diseases attributed to ambient air pollution, including 237,000 children under the age of five from respiratory infections. This is the result of a study published by the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.
Schema therapy is effective for treating severe depression