Dein Suchergebnis zum Thema: Psychische Störung

Play- and Psychotherapy Child Service – [ Deutscher Bildungsserver ]

The SPKD in Zurich accompagnies seriously ill, handicapped or traumatized children and its families in difficult situations. The goal is that the child gains self-consciousness, self-esteem and vitality by playing freely in psychotherapy. The therapy concept is integrative. It follows the principles of social tolerance and appretiation of every child in its entity and uniqueness.

Research Centers at the Hebrew University – Hebrew University of Jerusalem – [ Deutscher Bildungsserver ]

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem provides a list of all its research centres. You can find the folowing research centres for educational research: 1) The NCJW Research Institute for Innovation in Education 2) Gilo Center for Citizenship, Democracy, and Civic Education 3) Levin Center for the Normal and Psychopathological Development of Child and Adolescent 4) Sturman Center for Human Development (no homepage available) [Abstract: Editors of Education Worldwide]