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Albinism : The Danger of Living with Albinism in a

While he speaks openly about his condition, he is clearly still very distressed by the circumstances in which he lost his elder brother, Enoch Lugadiru, almost exactly five years ago. Enoch died after an attack in the dark of night. Nixon is certain it was carried out by human traffickers who ascribe “special powers” to the organs of people with albinism and aim to profit from harvesting their body parts.
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War in Europe : Is Georgia Russia’s next target?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is also awakening new fears and concerns in other former Soviet republics. Example: Georgia, where Russian soldiers had already invaded at Putin’s command in 2008. Former Georgian Defense Minister Tinatin Khidasheli, who has been connected to the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for many years, analyzes the situation.
They represent a serious challenge and great danger

Media Freedom: Medienfreiheit und Medienpluralismus in Polen und Ungarn unter Druck

Der Feldzug der polnischen Regierung gegen unliebsame Berichterstattung gipfelt gerade in einer neuen Werbe-Steuer. Am Ende könnte die Schwächung oder Auflösung unabhängiger privater Medien in Polen stehen. Die EU muss jetzt entschlossen handeln, um die Rechtsstaatlichkeit zu verteidigen, analysieren unsere Experten.
With Love – June 01.06.2022 The New State of Danger

Politics: Another Round of Early Elections in Israel – How Will it Look?

While United States President Joe Biden was scheduled to meet PM Bennett in Jerusalem, Yair Lapid was already able to show diplomatic qualities on the world stage as new Prime Minister of Israel in his stead. If this government proved more stable, Lapid would have only become Prime Minister next year. Nevertheless, with the Israeli Knesset voting unanimously to disband on June 30, 2022, November 1, 2022, was set as the date for early elections and Lapid became PM.
one such party and is now officially out of the “danger

Media : Russian Media and the Rule of Silence

Learn how the authorities in Russia are trying to silence independent media. The event was jointly organized by the Kennan Institute and FNF. The panelists are Pavel Chikov – a Russian lawyer, a human rights advocate and head of the Agora group; Ivan Pavlov* – a Team 29 representative; Roman Anin* – investigative journalist, ex-partner of OCCRP and editor-in-chief of Important Stories media*. Moderated by Sergey Parkhomenko.
Pavel Chikov Another problem would be the growing danger